At We Roll With It, we recognize that not everyone is an expert roller. As such, we offer lots of great accessories to help you get it right!
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RAW Original Tips

$0.99 $14.00

Chlorine & Chemical free Each Booklet contains 50 Tips Each Box contains 50 Booklets  

RAW Tips Pre-Rolled Un...


Pre-rolled Chlorine & Chemical free 200 Tips/Bag

BIC Classic Lighters


50 Classic Lighters Assorted Colours

Beep X-Lite XLC8022 Li...


X-Lite Disposable Lighters Low Cost Regular Flame 5 clear colors 50 lighters per display

RAW Glass Ashtray


The RAW Glass Ashtray will be the star of your next smoke sesh! These beautiful prism diamond-facet cut ashtrays can take you on a bright rainbow journey… or to the dark side. May only the finest a...

RAW Round Metal Ash Tray


5.5″ Diameter Sold Individually

Beep Jet Blue Flame Li...


Display of 34 Blue jet lighters Single Flame with Flip Cap Assorted Colour and Design Premium Butane gas Torch Lighter with Safe Stop Display features convenient sliding storage

Clipper Assorted Large...


Our iconic CP11 classic large lighter comes in different solid colours to suit your taste and a packing tool for your pre-rolls. Give it unlimited lights by replacing worn out parts - Clipper has t...

RAW Slim Pre Rolled tips

$1.99 $12.00

New slim tip is 30% skinnier than our normal tip. Cause some people like to roll them skinny – not everyone likes to roll the big fatties! We work for you to give you what you want and hope you enj...

RAW Indica Rolling Tra...


27.5cm X 17.5cm x 2cm